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Dance classes in Baltimore and theater classes in Baltimore

THeater classes In Baltimore!!!

Musical Theatre - ​Introduction Students will discover and learn about musical plays.....history, stories and music. A good class to introduce you to musicals and what they are all about.

​So You Have To Do A Monologue-  Do you have an audition coming up? Do you need to learn and perform a monologue? This is the class for you! After warm ups and learning basics, students will work on monologues that they choose or those that they have been assigned and perform them for the class! A great way to prepare for that VERY important audition!

What is acting?- An introductory class for younger students - this is the very basic aspects of what it is to act. Learn how to speak, how to present yourself and the basics of being a character.Want to be in a play? ​

Acting II- This class takes students one step further in their theatre experience. They will learn basic terms and parts of the stage, a bit of theatre history and will perform short scenes with other class members.

Let's create a character- This class is for more advanced students. It covers warm ups and working on scenes and monologues chosen by the actors. Emphasis will be on creating a character and analysis of the play and the actor's role in it.

Improv!!!!- After a short warm up, students will participate in improvised scenes and situations. Emphasis will be on creativity and imagination.

Theatre - It's Only a Game!- There are many games that encourage the actor to use the qualities that are needed on stage. Creativity, thinking fast, memory are only a few of the abilities that a good actor should have. Play assorted theatre games to work on and refine these abilities.

​Let's Pretend!!- ​Very young children use props, hats and costume pieces to create a story. This class gives very young actors a chance to grow into the actors that they will become!!


Ballet/Tap, ages 2-5
Students will learn the beginnings of ballet and tap steps while moving creatively with music. This age group will work on correct placement of their body and feet. Stretching, counting, and some tumbling as well!

Beginning Ballet. teen/adult
No experience necessary. There is a range of experience levels- new beginners, dancers wanting to get back in shape after a hiatus, as well as intermediate level dancers wanting to refine their technique.